Hire Your Ecommerce Virtual Assistant For As Little As $4.99/Hour

Highly proficient virtual assistants, experienced with CJ Dropshipping and funnel platforms such as Clickfunnels

Your Time Is Too Valuable

It's time to free up your time and let your assisstant take care of all the mundane tasks such as order fulfilment and customer service.

US based VAs providing the highest quality customer support

5 star service to handle all your daily tasks so you can focus on what matters

Let your virtual assistant run your business for you while you watch the sales come in

Highly Experienced & Professionally Trained

All virtual assistants are highly experienced with the most common platforms and resources that make your ecommerce dropshipping business run.

Is A Virtual Assistant Right For Me?

Focus on boosting sales and drive leads into your pipeline

Premium Quality Virtual Assistants

Feel like you need more time in the day to focus on more important duties?

Feel like you're wasiting time fulfiling orders when you should be focusing on money making activities?

Just don't feel like doing boring tasks such as order fulfilment, customer support and data entry?

Then yes, a virtual assistant is perfect for you!

About Us

In the peak of shopify dropshipping and the slow rise of sales funnels, we realized that there rose the need for virtual assistants to help run these businesses to free up time and resources for business owners, allowing them to focus on other, more important things in their lives and businesses.

We saw a need, we filled the gap...

Providing the highest quality and top performing virtual assistants to ensure the smooth running of your everyday operations to keep your dropshipping business up, running and profitable.

Used By Over 1,700 Dropshipping Companies in 179 countries

"I was a bit skeptical at first spending money monthly on a virtual assistance but I have since come to the conclusion that that was one of the best businesss decisions I've made"

S. Hipskyy

Niche: Pet Accessories

"The fact that these guys automatically assigns a a virtual assistant which you can change at any time was also a plus for me because I didn't have the time to do interviews."

B. Eriksen

Niche: Beauty Accessories

"My VA took over and ran my Instagram page as well. I knew not to expect growth as that is never guaranteed but I gained like 9,000 real followers in less than a month."

J. Menke

Niche: Healthy Cooking

Got questions?

How soon can my new virtual assistant start?

Your virtual assistant will start within 24 hours of you signing up, often times, much sooner.

What if I don't like the virtual assistant I am assigned??

You can always request a change by emailing support and a new virtual assistant assigned within 24 hours

Are all virtual assistants experienced with CJ dropshipping?

Yes! All our virtual assistants are vetted and trained on the most common dropshipping services such as CJ Dropshipping and Aliexpress.

How do I contact you?

Feel free to reach out at support@virtualecomaid.com if you have absolutely any questions whatsoever.